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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
11:09 pm
hur hur hur

whiz bang!

ha haCollapse )

Current Mood: determined
10:58 pm
Ah, the special joys of pet ownership... Looking up from your meal to witness Neville and Marilyn, furiously engaged in a tug of war over a small stuffed Jigglypuff (that they claimed for themselves and i've never cared enough to save it), while Tweenie humps Marilyn FURIOUSLY.

There are levels to this I just cannot comprehend. Much as I cannot contemplate TOO closely the speculation of just how much shit, in pounds, kilos, or other measurement of your choice, my household produces in merely one month. Truly, this is the shittiest place on earth!

Current Mood: chipper
10:36 pm
My cat is the horniest cat on the planet.

Never have I ever seen an animal engage in masturbatory habits; perhaps I have been spoiled by neutered and spayed cats.

Now I have a cat with a stronger sex drive than my own. That bothers me.

When my cat doesn't get to go outside, he humps my huge stuffed kitty like he'll find his salvation there.

Any thoughts?
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
10:00 pm
Hello and welcome! Hopefully this place will be cute and fun and not just me talking to myself in a variety of different personas! Though I suppose that could be fun in itself. =)

My animal update: Neville repeatedly is stealing a mouse beanie baby to chew, Marilyn is squeaking girlishly as he bites her face, Tweenie looks pretty disgusted ("bitch PLEASE"), Tigerlily has been lazing about all day, and the ferrets have freshly scooped litterboxes and thus are inoffensive once more! Whew!

Thinking of boarding Nev and Marilyn here over dragoncon weekend.

Current Mood: tired
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